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Inspection + Quality

Our priority is to always provide a superior QUALITY CONTROL to our customers. We achieve this by incorporating quality control checks and inspections at numerous stages of the manufacturing or repair process. We follow and are registered to ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Mann Machine and Hydraulics has CMM's (Co-ordinate Measuring Machines) and other sophisticated measuring devices to ensure accuracy is strictly adhered to. Our calibration programs, controlled environment, and on machine probing systems are all part of our rigid in-house quality control procedure.

Mann Machines are now AS9100 certified.

Our first step in quality control is our team of highly-skilled machinists. Our staff is provided new technology and industry upgrading training on a continual basis.

We use following equipment for inspection and quality control

mitutoyo coordinate measuring machine
  • Mitotoyo Crysta Apex S 122010 CMM (Co-ordinate Measuring Machine)
  • Starrett Granite Surface Plate
  • Mitutoyo Linear Height Gage
  • Mitutoyo Digital Height Gage
  • Mitutoyo Inside Vernier Calliper
  • Mitutoyo Vernier Calliper (Range upto 0-40")
  • Mitutoyo Digital Bore Gage
  • Mitutoyo Outside Micrometer (Range upto 0-30")
  • Mitutoyo Inside Micrometer ( Range Upto 24")
  • Mitutoyo Gage Block Set
  • Thread Gages

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About Us

Mann Machine and Hydraulics Ltd. currently services a wide variety of customers in the Aerospace, Defence, Wind, Steel, Petroleum, Locomotive, Pulp and Paper, Energy, Mining, Injection Molding, Press, Oil and Gas, and Power Transmission Industries.