Mann Machines & Hydraulics is a full-service machine shop providing parts, fabrication, machining of components, assemblies and repair work for industries ranging from construction, petroleum, nuclear and automotive to transportation, power generation and other heavy industries.

Our main priority is to always provide a superior product or service to industry products in Canada and USA customers. We achieve this by incorporating quality control checks and inspections at numerous stages of the manufacturing or repair process. We follow and are registered to ISO standards.

Some of our products are :

  • Oil Seal
  • Hydraulic Seal
  • O-ring & O-ring Kit
  • Seal Kit / Cylinder Repair Kit
  • Seal Group / Floating Seal
  • Backup Ring
  • Self-lubricating Bushing
  • Friction Plate & Steel Plate
  • Automotive
  • Hydraulic Piston Pump Assembly
  • Hydraulic Pump Parts
  • Gear Pump
  • Coupling
  • Ball Joint & Universal Joint
  • Swing Bearing & Swing Bearing Seal
  • Turbocharger
  • Engine Fan Blade
  • Solenoid Valve, Switch & Sensor
  • Diaphragm
  • Level Gauge
  • Cylinder Assembly
  • Breaker Chisel
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