Large Metal Scraps Bailer Cylinders

repair, rebuilding services, and service parts


Bore sizes up to 63” and strokes of 20m we are leading repairer of standard, heavy duty and special purpose hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, sliding piston accumulations and rotary distributors. With over 20 years’ experience, Mann Machines and Hydraulics provide the best and most comprehensive repair service for large metal scraps baler cylinders.

Mann Machines and Hydraulics provides best repair services. The high quality repair service is designed to minimize your downtime and save you money by providing you with a speedy, reliable, comprehensive and cost effective repair experience.

By providing new cylinders to the OEM customer, the natural associated service that developed was a custom Repair Service. The ability to design special application hydraulic or air cylinders for specialized equipment, or provide low cost replacement cylinders for existing machinery has provided Mann Machines with a wide range of experience in building unique cylinders.

Mann Machines and Hydraulics Inc. provides repair, rebuilding services, and service parts i.e. seal kits for most hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

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