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Mann Machines has extensive experience in the repair of parts for machinery used in demolition industry

Stresses on the equipment used in demolition are huge: not just in terms of the physical work the equipment is designed to do, but also from unintended instances when the building does not come down quite the way it was intended.


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Unsurprising then that maintenance costs represent a significant proportion of the total costs associated with owning the equipment whether the owner is a hire business, or the demolition business itself. For Mann Machine and Hydraulics, the demolition industry represents a significant proportion of our business and we therefore have a great deal of experience of handling the specialized repairs we undertake for our customers in this industry.



Mann Machine and Hydraulics Inc has also established a solid reputation in the manufacturing of special cylinders in the sector of special construction machinery. Our products can be found in the world's largest clearing excavator, as well as in demolition wrenches and so much more.


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Mann Machine and Hydraulics Ltd. currently services a wide variety of customers in the Aerospace, Defence, Wind, Steel, Petroleum, Locomotive, Pulp and Paper, Energy, Mining, Injection Molding, Press, Oil and Gas, and Power Transmission Industries.