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Our company has a history of developing and maintaining long term business relationships and is committed to meeting our customer’s expectations. Our offering to both our aerospace and non-aerospace customers is comprehensive.

we offer a breadth of component products, from very small to very large, from simple to complex, from prototype to high volume production. We have the engineering and machining assets to respond to a wide range of the aerospace parts machining market. We also have access to the capital resources necessary to meet future requirements and to expand our capabilities and fund growth.

With ISO 9001:2008 certification, Mann Machining can be trusted to undertake your most important aerospace manufacturing projects. We are committed to delivering high quality components, with accompanying documentation. We use Statistical Process Control (SPC) measures to ensure our parts are uniform and made exactly as ordered, and we operate with a Parts Per Million (PPM) far below the industry average.

To request a quote or to learn more about our aerospace component manufacturing experience, contact Mann Machines today.

Landing gear fixture

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