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Precision Machining and Hydraulics Cylinder Repair


Whether nickel, titanium, aluminum, or steel, Mann Machines has the equipment necessary to machine your finished product to perfect precision. Metal removal, turning, grinding and milling.

Our expert machinists will fulfill your requirements by using 2, 3, 4, and 5 axis machines stand ready day and night to utilize the latest in technology. Our five lathes (including CNC and conventional) utilize digital readouts and quick-change tooling, and our grinders are equipped with assorted specialties for job-specific processing. When all machining is done, our quality inspector/manager uses coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to inspect and verifies that each piece and shaped to perfection.


  • All brands and series of hydraulic cylinders repair to original factory conditions
  • Any specification metric, mill type, tie rod, stainless steel, welded and coated process cylinders
  • Telescopic Cylinders
  • Up to date service and repair with a complete inventory of seals, wear bands, welding capabilities
  • Disassemble and evaluate to find underlying problems to fix right
  • Manufacturing and repairing of piston rods, tubes and other components
  • Custom cylinder tube honing
  • Quality chroming, re – chroming of piston rods
  • Precision machining to allow for a tight fit between parts and offer a superior quality cylinder
  • Disassembly bench and tools to remove and replace piston retaining nuts (up to 50000 lbs. /ft.)
  • Pressure testing of all hydraulic cylinders to make sure that the cylinders meets the strict quality standards of Mann Hydraulics.
  • Mann Hydraulics can manufacture any type of new cylinder which meets accuracy and efficiency
  • All parts meet or exceed O.E.M specifications

      Many of the parts in aerospace, mining and construction machining needs assembly work from minor installation of bearings or bushings to major subassemblies on larger hardware masterpieces. Our production assembly includes welding, simple and complex bonding methods for various materials, or just marking and stamping. Whatever your compete assembly needs may be - we are here to help as always. Why purchase molded parts from one source, machined parts from another, and assembly from yet another when you can single-source all of your needs through us? We have torque wrenches, squares, micrometers, tape measures, and height gauges – and we’re not afraid to use them.



      Our team of Mechanical Engineers, through the use of Mastercam, are gifted tacticians of custom design and custom gauging.

      Mann Machine gives clients access to manufacturing experts who optimize the quality and productivity of the manufacturing process, minimize risks and hazards, and maximize profitability.

      One of the areas of proficiency that distinguishes Mann Machines from our competitors is our applications engineering expertise. WE take some time to understand your requirements before recommending the best available solution.

      Whether it is just a manual machining or a full CNC 5 axis machining service, you will get the most effective manufacturing and service technology for your needs, budget and time frame.


      Our service commitment starts right in our company name. At Mann Machines and Hydraulics Ltd, our goal is to provide the best - superior - milling, grinding, turning, fabrication and repair work to all our customers.We are one of the superior industrial service provider in canada and combine latest technologies and equipment together with old-fashioned, personal attention to detail to provide the finest quality products and services we have to offer.

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Mann Machine and Hydraulics Ltd. currently services a wide variety of customers in the Aerospace, Defence, Wind, Steel, Petroleum, Locomotive, Pulp and Paper, Energy, Mining, Injection Molding, Press, Oil and Gas, and Power Transmission Industries.