We offer quick turn-around



We provide our customers a unique and much sought after service of coming to their job site to repair and recondition equipment and machinery. This is a very critical service for the construction industry as equipment and machinery failure can result in lengthy project interruptions and delays. With portable line boring, milling and welding equipment, together with a well-stocked spare parts inventory, our specialized team ensures that equipment downtime is minimal, and our customers’ production targets met.

Mann Machines and Hydraulics offers industrial repair work in Canada and quick turn-around, round-the-clock machining service for repair and overhaul requirements. We offer our customers repair vs. replace analyses and, most importantly, we get parts fixed or replaced fast. In most cases we will make CAD drawings of the samples so that future orders are dealt with in an expeditious manner.

Mann Machines and Hydraulics has full reverse engineering capabilities to produce exact replica parts from highly worn gear sets. Often samples are received with gear teeth completely worn down or broken off. We are able to re-manufacture these parts to original specifications or modify designs as required by our clients. We also offer gear and gearbox preventative maintenance solutions for customers who run equipment lines and can’t afford costly line stoppages.

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