Hydraulic Cylinders

Our engineers will work with you in all phases of putting your equipment back to work.



Our engineers will work with you in all phases of putting your equipment back to work.

We can repair hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders from small 1” to 63” large bore. Repair chrome shafts or we can machine a new shaft to factory specs. Machine new pins and bushings, interior honing and hard chrome application.

Here at Mann Machines, we can repair all makes and models of hydraulic pumps and motors. From preventive maintenance to complete overhaul and reverse engineering. We also repair shop equipment, compressors, impact wrench from 1” to 3”+, jacks, Hydra shear cable cutters, hand & electric pump, hydraulic rams from 10 ton to 500+.

We proudly serve the following industries; land and offshore oil and gas drilling rigs and platforms, steel mills, pipe & flange work, OEM, mobile equipment, construction, mining and food and beverage.
Our office and machine shop is based in Brampton, Canada.

TUXCO HO560 L9213
HO560 used electric supply to provide hydraulic power. This model is excellent. It produces 70,000 lb ft. of torque to remove threaded glands and piston retaining nuts powered solely by an air/hydraulic system.
Length – 22ft.
Diameter – 22″
Double acting hydraulic ram

Mann Machines has been servicing hydraulic cylinders for North America’s Earthmoving, Transport and Marine industries for many years, developing a solid reputation for delivering a high quality product, on time and overall service to customers. We pride ourselves on delivering technical expertise and our advanced facilities which are fully equipped to handle all aspects of industrial cylinder servicing.

Mann Machines has continuously invested in our specialized plant and facilities over the years to ensure we stay at the cutting edge of technological developments. We acknowledge the unique value of our team’s practical and technical experience and intellectual assets and have an ongoing commitment to refining and developing our team’s talents as technology progresses.

Mann Machines is an established Manufacturer and Repairer of all kinds of Hydraulic Cylinders -Construction, Industrial and all others. We provide our customers a unique and much sought after service of coming to their job site to repair and recondition equipment and machinery.

Mann Machines and Hydraulics produces rugged, high quality, custom hydraulic cylinders. We provide Best and Cost Efficient Solutions. Our prices are very competitive. We believe in the On-time Delivery, Prompt Response to Quotes, All Engineering Support.

Expert Repair and Rebuild Center for Hydraulic Cylinders in Canada

  • All brands and series of hydraulic cylinders repaired to original factory conditions.
  • Any Specification, Metric, Mill Type Cylinders, Tie Rod and Welded Construction, Stainless Steel and Coated Process Cylinders.
  • Telescopic Cylinders.
  • Up to date service and repair with a complete inventory of seals, wear bands, welding capabilities, CNC and Manual Machining Facilities.
  • Disassemble, evaluate to find underlying problems to fix right.
  • Manufacturing and Repairing of Piston Rods, Tubes and other components.
  • Honing.
  • Quality chroming, re-chroming of piston rods.
  • Precision Machining to allow for a tight fit between parts and offer a superior quality cylinder.
  • Disassembly Bench and Tools to remove and replace piston retaining nuts (50,000 lbs/ft).
  • Pressure testing of all cylinders to make sure that cylinder meets strict quality standards of Mann Hydraulics.



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